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Guided Reading


Guided Reading

Guided reading is a strategy that helps children become good readers. The teacher provides support for small groups of readers as they learn to use various reading strategies (context clues, letter and sound relationships, word structure etc.). Work focuses on processes integral to reading proficiently, such as cross-checking print and meaning information, rather than on learning a particular book’s words. For example a child might see an illustration and say “dog” when the text says puppy, but after noticing the beginning /p/ in puppy, correct the mistake.

Books for Guided Reading

When the proper books are selected, children are able to read with approximately 90% accuracy. This enables them to enjoy the story because there is not an overwhelming amount of difficulties that would otherwise interfere with comprehension. The focus is on the meaning of the story and application of various reading strategies to problem solve when there is a difficulty. Independent reading is the goal – guided reading provides the framework to ensure that students are able to apply strategies to make meaning from print.

PDST guidelines may be found here