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Printing with Jane

On her  most recent visit Jane continued to explore printing technique with the children. It was an intensely busy session and the girls produced individually and in groups.

The group print involved all members working together, deciding on the content and what colours to use. There was a huge degree of excitement as each piece was revealed and they ended up creating beautiful prints to represent the four seasons.


Investigating habitats

Continuing our activities with visiting artist Jane Groves, Ms Flood’s class went on an exploratory walk to Lakelands, looking for  inspiration to help them  work later on in the classroom.   

The girls were full of energy and enthusiasm looking for natural elements which represented signs of Spring. They collected leaves, feathers and catkins, they heard a great variety of birds during the time they spent outdoors. They really enjoyed a mirror walk where they observed the habitat overhead, Great Fun!!

When we returned Jane and the girls began drawing, the level of concentration was  amazing.

Following this Jane showed the girls printing  procedure. The moment of revealing  the end product  was exciting and everybody was pleased with the result of their work.

We are looking forward to Jane’s next visit.



Artist in Residence

What an exciting start the girls in Ms Flood’s class had with artist Jane Groves.

The girls were very much looking forward to meeting and working with Jane in a creative and fun way.

As an introduction Jane began by reading ‘The Gruffalo’ to the children and from there a discussion about habitats followed. The children then began to design and make their own nests and webs. What amazing work they did individually and collaboratively.

This learning experience will continue…..  keep watching!


Building Sheds!

Ms. Donnelly’s girls had great fun this week building sheds.

We used lego to build  sheds for the tractors on the farm.

We worked together and had great fun.

Glenroe Farm 2017

The Senior Infants had a great time at Glenroe Farm. We met lots of animals. We fed the goats lots of grass and we got to pet the lambs too. We had a picnic outside and we had lots of fun in the huge playground.


Chicken Licken: Senior Infants

The Senior Infant girls are reading Chicken Licken. We painted Chicken Licken and we drew all the characters in the story even Foxy Loxy.

Can you remember all of their names?


The Bakery

The Senior Infants went on a visit to the Corner Bakery in Terenure. We saw lots of lovely cakes and buns.

Cara and Kate came to visit us in school. They showed us how to put on icing and decorate the cupcakes! Delicious! The cupcakes tasted so good.


Senior Infants: Sports Day

The Senior Infants had a great day!

They ran so fast in all their races and cheered on their team mates too.

They were exhausted!

Well done, Senior Infants!

Fun on the Farm!

We have been learning all about the farm. We learned facts about cows and pigs. We read farm stories – our favourite story was Click Clack Moo. We built a farm in Aistear! Yeee Haw

Senior Infants: Farm Trip

Senior Infants had fun on the farm!

We saw lots of different farm animals. We even got to hold a rabbit!