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Matters of the Arts

Here is a selection of our work in the arts this term

We also had a great time during Science Week. Here are some pictures

JJ Macken

JJ Macken our artist -in-residence died unexpectedly on Saturday November 15th 2014. JJ was a much loved member of the school community over the past 7 years. He voluntarily came in to each of the senior classes for 3 week blocks.   The children ( and their teachers! ) loved to see him coming and learned so much from him over the years. JJ had a great rapport with the children and was always so affirming of all their works of art.  He was a wonderful artist and we are lucky enough to have 16 of his paintings on permanent display here  in the school.

We will miss you J.J.

Ní bheidh do leithéid ann arís


Here is JJ working with Ms. Sheridan’s 5th class in September 2014 just prior to falling ill.



JJ  being presented with a photo montage in gratitude for all his wonderful work with the pupils in the school ( June 2013)



November Assemblies

The Junior and Senior assemblies took place on Friday November 6th. The theme of each assembly was The Month of November – Remembering Those Who have Died. The Junior Assembly was presented by the 2nd classes. Each pupil wore a hand made flower decorated with the name of loved ones who have died. The Senior Assembly was presented by the 5th classes. They gave an interesting and informative presentation On World War 1. Many pupils in 5th class have relations who fought in the war and tragically some of them didn’t survive. The football team came onstage and proudly displayed medals they had won in a recent tournament. Ms. Hume presented the “Best Start” award to pupils from each class


Dodder Walk

In preparation for our walk, we learned about animal life, erosion, deposition, erosion, bridges, historic monuments and trees.Click  here  to read some of our tree poetry.  We Iooked at  Rathfarnham bridge which was built in 1765 and Ely Arch  which was the entrance to Rathfarnham Castle and built in 1770. Along the way we identified   the Weeping Willow, Sycamore, Yew trees and saw blackberries, snow berries and elderberries We passed several weirs used to power waterwheels for factories along the Dodder such as the Dartry Dye works which was built in 1895 and the red-brick angular style reminded us of our school as they were both built in the same era We walked towards the Dropping Well which was founded in 1847 and used during famine times. There we saw the original well and famine memorial and said hello to Woody the Rhino!  There was a sawmill on the site of the Dropping well owned by a man called Classon who built the big bridge to join Milltown to the woods in Wicklow. After that we saw the tall chimney where the Milltown laundry once stood and where Queen Victoria had her laundry done on her visit to Ireland. Our last stop was the old Milltown bridge which joined Milltown to Dundrum, built in the 1700s, it was a favourite for highwaymen and smugglers. We spotted the grey heron several times along with the pondskater, , mute swan and ducks. Unfortunately we saw litter and graffiti and agreed what a shame that was. On our return we noticed a lamp post dating 1919, the war memorial building 1919 and we saw the Star of David symbol on the synagogue which reminded us of the crocuses we planted recently in memory of children who died during the Holocaust. When we got back to school we marked the route on our map and used the  scale to calculate the distance we walked which was seven km. It was a great day. Thanks to Holly’s mum for coming with us.