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Lollipop Day


Today is lollipop day. We sold lollipops to raise money for the Oesophageal Cancer Fund. This money will be used for research. Doctors are learning more about Oesophageal Cancer all the time- how to treat it and hopefully cure anyone who gets it. We raised €1350.



Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is situated in the
Himalayan mountains on the borders between Nepal and Tibet. Cian O’Brolcháin climbed Everest in May, 2012. Sixth class were very lucky to meet him last Thursday. Cian dreamed of climbing Everest since he was a baby. He began training in 2009. It took Cian two and a half months to reach the summit.He stopped at five camps during the ascent in order to get used to the altitude. Cian spent fifteen minutes on the summit. There were many dangers such as avalanches, crossing deep crevasses and surviving  the “Death Zone”.  It looked scary on the video but Cian managed with the help of the local sherpas who have climbed it many times. Cian showed us climbing equipment such as the ice-axe, crampons,boots and harnesses.Cian raised €20,000 for Cystic Fibrosis  Ireland. He taught us about believing in our selves and positive thinking. Some of us were lucky enough to get autographs from Cian. Thank you Cian!


On the 6th of February, the 6th class made their confirmation .We have spent weeks preparing for this special occasion, making art and practising at the church. We had our Service of Commitment on the 1st of December. It was a great mass, then on the 30th of January we had our Service of Light. It was a very special night. We went with our parents, it looked so nice when the candles were lit in the darkness. The day after the Service of Light, we made our penance in preparation for our confirmation. We spent a lot of this week practising in the church, we finished our art and the church looked beautiful with all the ribbons and art work.  Thursday was the big day we had all waited for,    the church was buzzing with excitement, everybody looked really pretty in their uniforms. The mass started at 11:00.  Arch Bishop Diarmuid Martin was very nice. he gave a very good homily, saying to the parents how they should let their children have wings but keep them rooted. The choir was  sang beautifully.  After the ceremony had finished, most people took pictures with the Arch Bishop. After the church, most girls went with their families to celebrate the very special day. Thank you to everybody who was involved in the ceremony, and we were really lucky with the weather because it rained all week and brightened up for our special day!!!!!!!!

The Winner is….

Pres Favourite Painting Results

We are delighted to announce that Presentation’s favourite painting as voted by the school community, parents and friends is

Les Parapluies by Renoir.

Click above to see the breakdown of how the votes were cast. Thanks again to everybody who voted for all 11 of our favourite paintings. Each work is a winner in our eyes and well worth a visit to the gallery in question