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Presentation’s Favourite Painting


Voting has now closed ! Over 2,600 votes have now been cast by the various methods available. Presentation’s favourite painting will be announced tomorrow at 12 noon. Well done to one and all.  Mums, Dads, Grannies, grandads, minders, long lost cousins etc. have all been busy voting. We have even received votes from celebrities such as Kian Egan and Michael Carruth !We have been blown away by the looking and responding to the 11 works,  the art work the children themselves have produced and the songs and the rap they composed. We hope you have all enjoyed this event and we all look forward to a worthy winner being announced tomorrow.




We asked our girls here in Presentation Primary to help us create a shortlist of favourite paintings in Dublin Art Galleries. These works are now on display in the new wing. Please come and have a look at them. Each class has been assigned one painting to study in detail and then the school community will have a chance to vote for their favourite. Pupils will vote in school by placing a dot under their favourite. We invite you at home to join in the fun and vote for your favourite piece. Simply click on the comment link below or take the poll on the right. Happy voting!!

Click here to view parents’ letter and paintings


Favourite Painting


All the children and teachers in the school voted on Friday January 31st. The poll and comment section will close for voting at mid-night on Wednesday February 5th. When all the methods of voting have been totalled the overall winner will be announced on Friday February 7th. This has proved to be a very popular event and provided lots of debate and discussion.   Many thanks to all members of the school community and friends and family at home who took time to vote. We are all eagerly awaiting the result!

May the best painting win!







Fabric and Fibre Designs

Ms. Carney’s 3rd class have designed some wonderful abstract wall hangings. They can be seen downstairs  on the Fabric and Fibre  display board. Check them out  !



Pet Week in First Class

This week we have been learning all about pets and how to take care of them. Thank you to Cody the Border Collie; Alice the miniature Jack Russell; Freddy the terrapin and Silver Fin the goldfish for coming in, with your owners, to visit us.


The Knitting and Crochet Club

We have been very busy in the Knitting and Crochet Club since last September. Every girl knit at least one square to make a blanket for  charity. We have just put the squares together and one blanket is now complete. Hopefully the second blanket will be finished soon. We knit and crochet lots of Christmas items. We are now working on a display called “The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe”. It will take us a few months to complete the display…watch this space!