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Bake Sale

Sixth class decided to have a cake sale to raise money for the Philippines.  So many beautiful cakes were baked! Junior infants to fifth class visited the sale. We had so many cakes prepared that we thought we wouldn’t sell them all but we sold every cake! We raised a lot of money. The whole school supported the cake sale so well, thank you!  We will donate our money to the Presentation nuns in the Philippines who are working so hard to help people recover from this terrible ordeal. Thanks for your support

Ancient Egypt

We have been learning all about Ancient Egypt in 3rd class. We painted death masks which were placed over the face of a mummy.

Ancient Egyptian Death Masks

Science Week

Science Week Ireland ran from November 10th to 18th but here in Presentation we love science so much that we had a Science Fortnight!
Week One began with an Art Competition on the theme”Exploring the Xtra-Ordinary” and there were so many wonderful entries. Some of them can still be seen displayed in the entrance hall.
There were a wide variety of activities during the week which included:
A visit by 5th Class to Presentation College where they got to visit the science labs and try some experiments.
Class Exchanges which gave the girls the opportunity to work with younger or older girls and to demonstrate experiments to one another.
Second to Sixth Classes read some very interesting science facts each day on the intercom.
On Thursday afternoon we had “The Big Science Quiz” which was a table quiz with the questions read by Ms. Hume over the intercom. Well done to all of the winning teams!
There were many other activities and experiments happening during the week in all of the classes but thankfully none of our budding scientists managed to blow up the school.
During our second week every class had a workshop presented by”Anyone for Science”. The theme of the workshops was “acids and bases” and the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves while learning about the topic. Many thanks to the Parents’ Association for funding the workshops.
On November 20th the girls from Ms Sheridan’s Ms Keane’s Ms Geraghty’s and Ms Kearns’ classes took part in the Intel Science Challenge. They worked on projects in groups and displayed them in the hall. They put in a huge amount of work and the judges were very impressed. The hall looked just like the R.D.S. when the Young Scientist exhibition is on. Well done to all of you and especially to the winners Amelia, Aoife, Julie and Ella from Ms. Sheridan’s.

Diary Entries

In Ms. Carney’s 3rd class we read a book called “Her Mother’s Face” by Roddy Doyle. In the story a 10 year old girl called Siobhán is feeling sad because her mother died when she was 3. She can remember her mother’s hands and  her voice but she cannot remember her face. We wrote diary entries to show how Siobhán felt. Click below to read a selection of them.

Diary Entries

Cha Cha Dancing

For 6 weeks Naoise’s mum Emma came in twice a week to teach us the Cha Cha dance. At first we found it difficult to remember the steps but in the end we were able to do the cha cha basic step, the barn dance, the New Yorker step, and a basic waltz. Last Thursday we had our Strictly Come Dancing final in the hall. Some of us were lucky and talented enough to win trophies and some won medals. Ms. Beatty and Ms. Tully picked out the winners! We had a super 6 weeks and would like to thank Emma so much for giving up her time.


Click here  to view a clip of the dancing




The girls in Ms. Carney’s 3rd class read a lovely story about a dragon called Ignis who could not breathe fire. We wrote some dragon acrostic poems and we gave detailed descriptions on our Dragon Wanted posters.

Click below to read a selection of them




Our Remembrance Flowers

The girls in 2nd class made beautiful flowers to remember our loved ones who are no longer with us. We remember them in a special way during the month of November

Healthy Eating in First Class

We are learning about healthy eating in First Class this month. Today we made delicious smoothies using lots of different types of fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas and mango. Some flavours worked better together than others! Fresh fruit gives our bodies lots of vitamins and energy to work hard in school!


November Assembly

The Junior and Senior Assemblies took place today November 8th. During both assemblies we remembered all those who have died. The 2nd classes made flowers to remember their loved ones and the 5th classes decorated the front of the stage with remembrance plates. We heard some news and reminders from the Green Committee. Ms. Hume presented Stars of the Month awards  and Helpfulness awards. We also heard about Nano Nagle , who founded the Presentation sisters. We remember her on November 21st

Junior Infants Gardening

The Junior Infants have been very busy. We have been learning all about plants. We have planted cabbages, onions and bulbs in our garden.