All about Presentation Primary Terenure, Dublin 6W

Fun on the Farm!

We have been learning all about the farm. We learned facts about cows and pigs. We read farm stories – our favourite story was Click Clack Moo. We built a farm in Aistear! Yeee Haw

Senior Infants: Farm Trip

Senior Infants had fun on the farm!

We saw lots of different farm animals. We even got to hold a rabbit!

Mondrian – 3rd Class

We have been learning all about the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. He used lots of lines, angles and shapes in his work. He loved to work with the primary colours. We had great fun painting in his style and here is a collage of our picturesmondrian c carney 2

First Class update

We constructed 3D shapes from their nets.


We had a pet week in our class this week.



One of our dogs even likes to dance


First class were scientists for the afternoon experimenting to find out if items such as paper clips, pencils, coins, cups would sink.

We went on our winter walk to see how much the plants and trees around us had changed- we were lucky to see some beautiful animals too.

We were learning about length this week using non-standard units and standard units. We found it difficult to estimate at the beginning

We went on our first walk of the year- AUTUMN Walk!!


4th Class News

4th class have produced some beautiful artwork using tinfoil


The girls entered a 1916 themed competitionĀ organised by Faughs GAA Club. Here are the winning projects


Well done to all the pupils who took part in the competition

2nd Class Update

The girls in 2nd class have been very busy. They have been learning all about the Titanic and produced some wonderful pictures and stories


Some lovely flowers


Some very colourful rainbows


The girls have been learning how to knit

Museum Trip

Ms. Carney’s 3rd Class were at the National Museum of Archaeology in Kildare Street today for a workshop entitled “Vikings -Traders, Raiders and Settlers “. The girls got a chance to examine some replica artefacts and to try on some Viking clothes. We saw a Viking skeleton, some jewellery and weapons. Here is a short slide show of the museum trip

Museum Trip

After the museum workshop the rain stopped and we went to St.Stephen’s Green for a picnic and some playtime. It was a lovely day out

Senior Infant Update!

The Senior Infants were mixing colours.

We were learning about the Optician. We made glasses and we D.E.A.R while wearing them!

We also sang a song about Noah’s Ark. Look at all the animals in the ark.

We read a story about Sleeping Beauty.We built her a bed and a castle.

Flying Carpets !

3rd class read a funny story called The Carpet Bicycle about a teacher who arrives at school on a magic carpet. We designed some colourful carpets


We also wrote some rules for flying magic carpets. Click to read them

Magic Carpet Rules




Terenure Active Weekend



THIS IS ACTIVE WEEKEND in TERENURE. This Sunday in the VEC Grounds (17th April) at 3pm you are invited to take part in a active fun day for all the family. Everyone is very welcome. The group are emphasizing the importance of physical activity and are trying to encourage people to enjoy being Active Wise. Please come and support.

Link to full details – Active Day Terenure

PLEASE NOTE ***To ensure everyone has lots of fun at the event on Sunday, please be advised that parents are responsible for their own children at all times. No dogs or cars are allowed into the grounds***